Comply with legal requirements and rules

The Compliance Management System

A comprehensive compliance management system (CMS) is indispensable today. It protects companies and management from reputational damage and liability for their own misconduct and that of their employees.

In addition, the existence of a CMS is increasingly becoming a mandatory prerequisite for a business relationship. Larger companies are increasingly demanding appropriate structures from their business partners, regardless of their size and orientation. Failure to create the required compliance structures risks competitive disadvantages.

Together with you, we implement an effective compliance management system (CMS) that is geared to the requirements and structures of your company. If you wish, we can take on the role of external compliance officer and thus ensure the long-term effectiveness of the CMS that has been set up.

Just leave it to us

Our services at a glance:

Responsibility clearly defined

External Compliance Officer

We take over the function of the external compliance officer for you and sustainably secure the established CMS. The advantages over appointing an internal compliance officer are manifold.

Identify relevant compliance risks

Risk analysis

Conduct and document a risk analysis to identify relevant compliance risks in own business area.

Regular core areas:

  • Anti-corruption and handling of gifts and hospitality.
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Competition and antitrust law
  • Integrity, fairness, anti-discrimination
  • Health, safety and occupational health

If desired: use of a digital tool.

We offer legally compliant solutions

Implementation of a Compliance Management System (CMS)

We implement the appropriate measures for the implementation of a CMS for you.

  • Creation of a Code of Conduct (CoC)
  • Creation of relevant behavioural guidelines for the risk areas
  • Definition and documentation of Responsibilities for the CMS

Give your employees security


We train your employees in the relevant compliance areas. If desired: Use of a digital training tool.

Fair, confidential and anonymous

Whistleblowing system

As part of the Compliance Management System (CMS), we provide you with our whistleblower system. This system can be used to confidentially and anonymously report violations of legal regulations and internal codes of conduct.

About our whistleblowing system